There is no magic to organization

Beer companies sell illusions, not beer. They convince us that we will be smarter, more attractive, suave, etc., if we drink the beer. It rarely works. A screen-tanned blogger chugging Coors Light is no more attractive than a screen-tanned blogger without the beer. More tipsy, though.

Similarly, office supply companies sell us on the illusion that if we just had their neat product, we would be organized! Take the Chronotebook, one of the winners of last year’s Muji Awards.

The Chronotebook does away with the traditional day planner and instead has a dial on each page, around which you can put your daily events. Like so:

It’s the kind of organizer that seems like The Answer to disorganization. But, as commenter braak at io9 put it:

I have used the first four pages of about a hundred daily planners throughout my life.

I look at something like this and say, “That’s awesome! I want one–it’d totally enable me to finally get organized! All this time, the problem was that I didn’t have a non-linear planner!”

Really, that wasn’t the problem.

[via io9, via Cool Hunting]

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