Techdirt reports that the TSA is kind of sad that more of you haven’t thrown down money to get your private life inspected to enough of a degree that you are now allowed to be (relatively) waved through airport security.

In true Kafka-esque fashion, the TSA is going to solve this problem by putting it out for bid and allowing the third-party contractors to dig up even more of your personal data, because that will certainly make the whole endeavor more appealing.

PreCheck applicant screeners have all this stuff available to them:

For purposes of this private sector enrollment initiative for the TSA Pre?® Application Program, “commercial data” includes: public record data, such as criminal history and real estate records produced by federal, state, and local governments; other publicly available information, such as directories, press reports, location data and information that individuals post on blogs and social media sites; and wide ranging data such as purchase information, customer lists from registration websites, and self-reported information provided by consumers that is obtained by commercial data sources such as data brokers.

What could go wrong, really?

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