I’ve long been a fan of Western Digital’s cheap, no-frills WD Elements line of external hard drives. After all, if your only purpose is backup, all you really need is a hard drive in a case.

That said, the Wirecutter cites some compelling reasons to consider a SeaGate Backup Plus, starting with the $150 price tag for a huge 3TB drive. That’s a lot cheaper than a 3 TB WD Elements drive, and the Backup Plus has USB 3.0 for much faster file transfers. (Mac users may want to add the Thunderbolt adapter for even more speed.)

Although I haven’t yet tried the SeaGate Backup Plus, I’ve had great luck following the Wirecutter’s recommendations in the past, so I’m going to rely on it and add the SeaGate Backup Plus to our Top Tech Upgrades buyers’ guide as the top pick for backup drives.

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