Evernote Work Chat is just general chat, like iMessage or Hangouts. You can share notes in Work Chat, but you can’t comment on notes. This is not useful.

We already have a ton of general chat apps. You probably use iMessage, Hangouts, SMS, Slack, Skype, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn messaging, Twitter DMs, and maybe a few others. You can paste Evernote share links into any of those, and they work as well or better than Work Chat.

Contrast Work Chat to Dropbox’s new commenting feature:


In Dropbox, comments are tied to documents — where they are actually useful.1 That would make even more sense in Evernote, because notes are the whole reason to use Evernote in the first place. You don’t use Evernote to chat with people, you use it to keep track of notes. And there is a pretty big chance that when you share a note, you might want to get some comments about that note.

If Work Chat were actually just comments on notes, I would be thrilled and I wouldn’t care what Evernote called it. That would be super useful and I would use it all the time. As-is, I really wish I could turn off Work Chat and go back to sharing notes the old way.

  1. If you use the web interface, anyway. Comments aren’t yet accessible from the files on your computer. 


  1. Karen Dunn Skinner says:

    I agree! I am sorely disappointed with most of Evernote’s recent “upgrades,” but WorkChat just seems completely pointless.

  2. Ben Chapman says:

    Agreed about Work Chat. I don’t find it that useful. Box also has document-oriented notes and to-dos as well as really good security. We’re finding more and more ways to use it as a sort of project management lite at Emory Law. Box seems to be making a real push lately.

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