The most annoying message in the world

bananaphone“Please call me.”

One of the great advantages of email and voicemail is that the sender can leave a short message with the reason for the call. Yet I seem to receive at least a half dozen email or voicemail messages every week with nothing more than “please call me” from both potential clients and other lawyers.

No matter who you are calling or writing to, respect their time. Give them a short message (a sentence will do) so they can assess the importance of the message and determine the best way to respond. Or hey, just call them, if the conversation should happen over the phone.

As for me, “please call me” messages go the absolute bottom of my to-do list (potential clients excepted, of course). I figure if it is important, the sender will try again with more information.

(photo: s.alt)


  1. Avatar dan says:

    My thoughts exactly. Or even worse, the ones that listen to the outgoing message, and the beep, and then hangup.

  2. Sam Glover Sam Glover says:

    I don’t mind those so much anymore. Since I use PhoneTag to transcribe my voicemail, I can easily delete those. (Although it looks like Google Voice will shortly do the same thing for free.)

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