Remember the halcyon days of July 2014, when if you were unlucky enough to take the bar exam, you also got to have a bonus anxiety attack when your first-day answers did not upload properly thanks to the ExamSoft software you were required to use?

Instead of spending Tuesday night studying, sleeping, staring at the wall, or binge-watching Breaking Bad, all of which are the god-given rights of bar exam takers mid-exam, people instead spent the evening in mounting panic as ExamSoft melted down.

To add insult to injury, the bar scores from July 2014 were the lowest in a decade and the president of the National Conference of Bar Examiners straight-up said that the July 2014 test-takers were “less able” than previous years.  It didn’t seem to occur to her that perhaps people were “less able” because of the time they spent freaking out about ExamSoft’s complete and utter failure to do what it was supposed to: upload completed bar exams.

You had one job, ExamSoft, and you messed it up. Even cats think you failed.

Given that all of this might have resulted in lower scores, a class action lawsuit was inevitable. The lawsuit just settled, all those affected will get the princely sum of $90 for their troubles.

Now, let’s be honest here. If you passed the bar, you don’t care what your score was and $90 is a sweet bit of extra cash that you can use to buy whatever $90 buys these days. Perhaps you use it to pay 1/10th of your monthly student loan payment? If you didn’t pass the bar and ExamSoft might be why, $90 doesn’t exactly make you whole.

We are dying to know how many people opted out of this settlement.

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