I started Lawyerist because I have a lot of strong opinions that I think everyone should know about. Also, because I got tired of sharing those opinions with one person at a time.

I had an idea that Lawyerist would become a repository of my answers to frequently-asked questions about law practice, so that I could just respond to people with a link to a post on Lawyerist, instead of repeating myself.

It has been that, in a way, but I decided it’s time to actually sit down and write down those questions and answers, instead of getting to them in a roundabout way. So begins the Law Practice FAQ, a collection of posts in which I will make up questions (based on questions I’ve heard over and over) and answer them.

You can keep an eye on the FAQ by bookmarking the Law Practice FAQ tag page, subscribing to the Law Practice FAQ RSS feed, or just keeping an eye on Lawyerist as usual.

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