The Importance of Tuning Out

Smartphones, email, social media marketing and laptops have made people tethered to the digital realm. I am about as big a technology user as you will find, but I also realize the importance of tuning out and unplugging.

Technology is hard on your brain

More than likely, technology has evolved much faster than the human brain. I am not a biologist, but I do not think our brains were designed to Facebook 24/7 and check email 18 hours a day.

A recent article talked about how technology can cause anxiety, depression, A.D.D, and a host of other problems. There are plenty of nights when I refuse to watch TV and want to sit in silence and read a book. That desire may be more than mental, it might be biological.

Nature is good for the brain

Taking a walk in the park can clear your head and help you approach problems with a new perspective. According to Sam, being around water is even more helpful. It might not even be that the environment is that helpful, but that you are not tuned into your technology and the stress associated with it.

Do what works for you

If turning off your BlackBerry when you get home causes more stress than it reduces, try something else. For example, turn it off when you go to sleep.

If walking into work on Monday morning without checking your email is too much stress, check your email twice over the weekend. The goal is not to stop using technology, but to try and take some steps back.

Give it a shot. You might surprised at how good it feels.

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  1. Avatar Larry Port says:

    AMEN! A topic near and dear to my heart.

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