If you are a bankruptcy attorney and are attached to using EZ-Filing Bankruptcy Software, it is time to switch because EZ-Filing is shutting down.

The desire to provide quality products and services to our customers is our top priority. The extensive time it takes to research, develop and implement the new federal form changes across all of CINgroup’s bankruptcy software products has lead us to this difficult decision.

EZ-Filing is offering to help users transition from their platform to two other software applications – CINCompass and Best Case – and they note that users will be able to transfer client files to either of those options.

Users left in the lurch by the shutdown may also want to consider NextChapter, which boasts guided client forms and unlimited client storage. NextChapter has a monthly fee that starts at $59/month for a few filings and goes up to $699/month for unlimited use. Another option is TopForm, owned by FastCase, which goes with a flat fee purchase model instead – $1,276 for a single user, $3,917 for unlimited users and a few tiers in between. No matter which option you choose, it is time to get your data out of EZ-Filing before the final shutdown, which happens on November 30, 2015.

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