I just booked my flight and hotel for the 2012 Law Via the Internet Conference at Cornell University. Cornell claims to have published the first legal website on the Internet, and its Legal Information Institute is an undisputed leader in distributing the law to the public, without charge (although Carl Malamud and public.resource.org deserve all kinds of props, too).

So bringing an international conference on free legal information to Cornell just makes sense. I’m excited to attend, to meet others thinking about open access to the law, and to listen to big names like Richard Susskind and Clay Shirky.

I will be covering the conference during the second week of October, and I hope to see some of you there!


  1. shg says:

    It’s interesting that you write this. I received an invite from Paul Miller at LII the other day as well, promoting that Richard Susskind and Clay Shirky would be speaking. I responded that their inclusion in something like LII was not merely inappropriate, but disgraceful. This used to be a serious and important program, and for the first time, the futurist charlatans are invited.

    And those are the very people who drew you to what would otherwise be a primarily academic and serious conference? Were you hoping that Brittany and Paris Hilton showed as well?

    • Sam Glover says:

      Really? I saw Shirky’s TED talk(s?) and read Here Comes Everybody, and I thought they were pretty interesting. I’m not expecting him to say interesting things about law, but I’m looking forward to hearing him talk about openness.

      I think Susskind is an elaborate gimmick, and I’ve always appreciated a good gimmick.

  2. I would love to go, but have a conflict – and I am planning to head up to Ithaca in June for my 25th law school graduation. I am proud of my alma mater for being a leader in free legal information online and yet it is difficult to reconcile this cutting-edginess with the dark-ages traditionalism that I remember from Cornell but it is great to see. Plus, Ithaca in October is just beautiful.

    • shg says:

      I’m proud of my alma mater too, which is why I was so disgusted that they took something as important as LII and reduced it to something so banal as to include Susskind and Shirky. And Ithaca is beautiful in October.

  3. Caleb says:

    I would have thought a Law Via the Internet would have been held over . . . well . . . the internet. *shrugs*

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