Dear Lawyerist,

I just wanted to say “Thank-you” for the outstanding information you keep churning out on your blog. I am a first year law student at an unaccredited law school in California. (Unaccredited- I know! But I have 4 small children and live hundreds of miles from the nearest “real” law school.) As I began my studies, having zero experience with lawyers, I quickly realized I needed to supplement my studies. Lawyerist is one way for me to keep perspective and plan for my solo practice. Lawyerist is one of several supplemental tools I am employing during the next several years of my life as I complete my degree. (And after I pass the Bar, Lawyerist will still be a part of my new lawyering life, as well, I’m sure!)

Again, thank-you!

Karrie Bunting

Thanks yourself, Karrie! –Ed.

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