At the solo and small-firm conference in Duluth, MN, Matt Homann argued that successful law firms should re-focus on client service. This does not mean merely winning cases, but focusing on meeting—and exceeding—your clients’ expectations.

Well done, client service means happier clients and more bank for your marketing buck. Here are Matt’s ten rules to get you thinking:

Ten Rules of Client Service | the [non]billable hour
Ten Rules of Client Service Slides | the [non]billable hour

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  1. Nena Street says:

    Great tips! And they apply well to associates in large firms, as well. In fact, they may be even more apt in that context. Successful associates need to market internally to succeed (particularly in these precarious times) and these are excellent strategies for doing that.

    As a mid-level associate in a large firm, my clients are not just firm clients, but also partners and other senior lawyers in the firm. Unlike the traditional client relationship, associates are fungible and there is virtually no cost to shopping around. Partners can assign work to any number of associates, and there is (depending on your expertise) nothing stopping a partner from working with another associate if your work does not measure up. If partners don’t think of me, they won’t call me for the next assignment. If I do not exceed their expectations, they will find another associate who will. And these days, none of us associates can play fast and loose with our careers. We must each establish and nurture our reputation as an associate who provides consistently excellent customer service.

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