Bloomberg Law is Bloomberg’s online subscription-based legal research tool. Bloomberg Law integrates Bloomberg’s news, financial data, and business intelligence tools with its primary and secondary legal sources to bring you a robust database of information to support your legal research.

Bloomberg Law Highlights

Points of Law. Points of Law, the winner of the American Association of Law Libraries’ 2018 New Product Award, is Bloomberg’s AI search tool to help you find language to support your legal arguments. As you read through an opinion, Points of Law will highlight key language to give you the gist of the court’s reasoning and holdings more quickly.

Case law and statutes and analysis, oh my! Bloomberg Law lets you to search its content from its global news network, its primary and secondary source databases, and its financial, patent, and business information. If you need to review stock charts, study legal analysis from legal experts, patent histories, or information about judges or attorneys, you get them all with your Bloomberg subscription.

Get practice specific. If you need products or information related to a specific practice area, Bloomberg Law may have what you’re looking for. It offers practice-specific products for tax, corporate transactions, privacy and data security, banking, and other areas of law to help you deepen your legal knowledge and research.

Bloomberg Law Pricing

Bloomberg Law does not make pricing information readily available. You will need to contact a sales representative or fill out an online opt-in to get an idea of pricing, which is all flat-rate. It does offer a free trial of the product so you can see if it will be a good fit for you.

Bloomberg Law Features

 Bloomberg Law
Starting Price
Android and iOS
Free TrialYes
State Statutes
Secondary Sources
Citation Checking
Natural Language Searching
Boolean Searching
Filter Searching
Research History
Additional Results
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Case Summaries
Formatted Downloads
News Coverage
Search without an Account
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Things You Might Want to Know

Databases by subject matter. You can narrow your package by practice area. It offers resources in antitrust, banking, bankruptcy, corporate, criminal, employee benefits, employment and labor, environment and safety, ethics, family law, healthcare, homeland security, intellectual property, international litigation, product liability, securities and corporate responsibility, tax, and trade and commerce law. The resource databases are organized by subject matter, are based on its loose-leaf publications, and are continually updated.

Training and help. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data you have at your fingertips, Bloomberg Law offers training and DIY help videos you help you get the most of your subscription. Customer support folks will help if you encounter any technical issues when using the products.

Mobile access. Want to view news and analysis or track dockets and opinions? Maybe you want to get personalized notifications to your practice and interests? It’s all much easier to do with Bloomberg Law’s mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Who Bloomberg Law is For

Bloomberg Law is a comprehensive service. It seems geared for larger law firms, though with its apparent custom pricing option, it seems ready to cater to small firms and solos, too. Bloomberg seems to offer similar services as the two enormous gorillas in the room, Westlaw and LexisNexis, so it really comes down to pricing and your preference for the interface. Take advantage of the free trial to see if it’s right for you and your firm.


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