Outlook Calendar

Outlook's Calendar is a great tool for lawyers. Here are our tips and tricks for getting the most law firm productivity out of Microsoft Office's calendar tools.

Note: We’re working on updating and expanding this page. In the meantime, some of the information below is based on older versions of Outlook.

Use the Built-in Date Calculator

Outlook’s taskĀ and calendar features can actually calculate a deadline for you.

For example, say you have just gotten some discovery in today, so you want to create a task reminding you to serve responses within the appropriate time (we will use thirty days from today as an example). Here are the steps:

  1. Start a task window.
  2. Go to the date field.
  3. Type “today+30 days” in the field.

Once you do that and hit the enter key, the date calculates automatically.

You are not limited to using days as a calculation unit. You can also say “two weeks,” “one month,” etc.1

  1. This does not take into account holidays or special calculation rules in various courts. Still, this is a great trick for at least ensuring you get a heads-up before a deadline.