PracticePanther is a law practice management software that features a clean, easy-to-use dashboard and integrates with a number different apps to help you sync your calendar, email, and finances, and offers robust document storage.

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PracticePanther Highlights

Training. PracticePanther’s Business Plan comes with unlimited training sessions that can be scheduled from within the software. You can schedule basic training if you’re new to the program. Or sign up for automation training, where you’ll learn how to automate your firm using PracticePanther; feature training, to learn more about the different features; Quickbook integration training; and website integration training, where you’ll learn how to integrate PracticePanther to your law firm’s website so information from forms can be automatically transferred to PracticePanther.  If you want to figure something out for yourself, PracticePanther has a library of videos and articles with step-by-step tutorials of every single feature. Or if you have an in the moment question, you can open up a chat with its support team directly from the software at any time.

At-a-Glance Dashboard. Track your time, stay on top of your to-dos, and manage your calendar all from the user-friendly dashboard. There, you’ll see all the revenue generated in a defined period, track unpaid invoice amounts, and monitor billable hours you have yet to invoice. You’ll also be able to access extensive reports ranging from A/R aging reports, originating attorney reports, to reports on contracts, matters, expenses, time entries, and flat fees.

Data migration. PracticePanther has a team of dedicated data migration experts to make sure that your existing data is seamlessly integrated into PracticePanther. When you sign up, your dedicated account manager will schedule a call for you with its migration team. From there, they will provide a timeline and details on what they can import for you. You can feel confident that you won’t be losing data or need to reorganize anything when you switch to PracticePanther.

Document management. PracticePanther syncs files across all your devices, helping you track changes, recover deleted files, and view version histories so you can amend errors made along the way with ease. Documents are stored in the cloud so you can edit them anywhere. You can lock, or even password protect, individual files to make sure others use them exactly how you intended. And if you accidentally delete a file, time entry, contact, or matter, PracticePanther will store the file up to 30 days in the recycle bin. Simply “restore” accidentally deleted files. No worries.

Frequent updates. PracticePanther updates at least once a month, based on suggestions provided by its users. Its support processes and reviews every suggestion and the development team regularly analyzes the most requested new features to make sure you’re using the software in the way you want and need it most.


  • Pricing for their Solo package is $39/month if billed annually, or $49/month if billed monthly.
  • Pricing for their Essential package is $59/month if billed annually, or $69/month if billed monthly.
  • Pricing for their Business package is $79/month if billed annually, or $89/month if billed monthly.

The fees include training, setup, and future upgrade costs. They also offer a 7-day free trial so you can test drive the software to facilitate your practice management software decision making.


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Practice Panther Law Practice Management Software

Things You Might Want to Know

Mobile app. Everything you do on your laptop or desktop you can also do on your phone and tablet through their mobile app so you can manage your law practice on the go.

Flat fee billing. PracticePanther has a flat fee billing features that allows you to charge one large fee for an entire case, or to break your case down into multiple flat fee services. Each flat fee can be its own stand-alone item that can be edited separately on your invoices.

Security. PracticePanther boasts 256-bit encryption and enterprise-level security by Microsoft. It also features HIPAA-compliant file management capabilities through its integration.

Document templates. You can use templates or create template forms for custom document creation. The templates will automatically fill out information in a matter by automatically transferring data to fields in those templates. You can also create unique workflows to help manage cases and facilitate data entry for your particular needs.

Integrations. You can sync and integrate PracticePanther with a number of different apps, including Mailchimp, CourtRules, Office 365, LawPay, Google Calendar, Gmail, Outlook, QuickBooks and more. Through Zapier, you can integrate PracticePanther with additional platforms and softwares. If integration is not available, PracticePanther provides an open API, allowing you to develop anything on top of its existing features and data. This means PracticePanther is easily customizable to your needs.

Its LawPay integration allows you to set up detailed payment plans for contacts and matters. Simply specify whether you would like to charge your client up to a specific amount, or just monthly payments with an end-date.

Its Gmail and Outlook integrations automatically locate an existing contact or matter in PracticePanther so you can associate the email with the right file. If the contact or matter doesn’t exist, you can create it right from your Gmail or Outlook. You can also create tasks and time entries that are then logged into PracticePanther.

Their recent QuickBooks Online integration lets you sync trust and operating payments, expenses, checks, invoices, and contracts from PracticePanther to QuickBooks. This feature also lets you generate reconciliation reports, write and print checks from PracticePanther, and send checks to be printed from QuickBooks.

Who PracticePanther is For

PracticePanther is a good fit for small to mid-sized firms that like a clean and easy-to-use dashboard that includes at-a-glance finances and calendars to manage their practice. It’s also a good option if you need more robust document storage for your practice.

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  • 9/10
    Customer Experience & Support - 9/10
  • 8.8/10
    Pricing & Value - 8.75/10
  • 10/10
    Security - 10/10
  • 9.5/10
    Innovation & Future-Proofing - 9.5/10
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2 Community Reviews

  1. Avatar Harj says:

    Practice Panther is the best CRM, CMS combination out there

    Practice Panther is the best practice management tool out there for lawyers. The team take on board suggestions and work consistently to improve user experience. Clean interface with great intuitive functionality.

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  2. Avatar David Weisselberger says:

    Most user friendly law firm management software out there

    Practice Panther is it. Even for a newbie attorney entering the automated law firm practice management world, Practice Panther is by far the easiest to use software with the greatest number of top used applications in the legal field. Their demo and training tutorials have been so far a very easy to follow experience, where I’ve been able to interact from the comfort of my office via a p2p sharing portal my screen with one of the PP specialists. Every single question I asked, he had an answer. What I liked the most, aside from liking a lot of the features, is the ability to stylistically design my own invoices to my clients. It makes me feel like my brand is not only competitive but actually professional. I’m highly satisfied so far and don’t have a single complaint, only good positive feedback. Like!

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