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On the Road: “ABA Annual Meeting 2017—Top Ten Tax Tips for Making Divorce Less Taxing”

In this episode, Legal Talk Network producer Laurence Colletti attended the ABA Annual Meeting and talked with Justin Miller, a national wealth strategist, about the taxes that can trip up clients during the process of divorce. The discussion included the top ten tax traps that people fall into and a list of professionals that people should contact early in the process.

Kennedy Mighell Report: “#Fail: How to Handle Failing Technology Projects”

Hosts Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell zero in on how to deal with a failed tech project and how to decide whether to see the endeavor through or let it go. They also talk about the biggest causes of tech project failure. Finally, there’s an audience question about collaboration tools.

Pitch Makeover: “Be Global—Lisa Curtis of Kuli Kuli”

Pitch Makeover is like a fashion makeover, but for pitches. It’s a podcast that talks about startups, pitching, and investing, with a focus on women, non-binary people, and men of color. Entrepreneurs pitch to a corporate lawyer, a philanthropist, and an angel investor to get advice on what they should keep, delete, or add to their pitch. Season 1 finished earlier this summer. In the final episode, Lisa Curtis pitched her company, Kuli Kuli, that makes bars and powders from moringa, a Latin American superfood and legal advisor Mitzi Chang talked about when a startup needs a legal specialist.

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