I tend to be somewhat anti-Christmas(or whichever winter holiday you celebrate) until Thanksgiving is over, I believe that each holiday should be given its own celebration period. I give kudos to stores like Nordstrom who held off on their holiday decorations until after Turkey Day and radio stations who didn’t switch to Christmas music until Black Friday. Now that Thanksgiving is over I have fully transformed into a grinch watching, peppermint mocha sipping, tree trimming crazy. My enthusiasm about Christmas also comes out in my dress; sparkly nails, crisp whites, deep reds, and rich greens. While you could rock that reindeer sweater complete with puffballs to illustrate your holiday spirit, there is a far more chic option to show your holiday spirit: tartan.

Tartan (also known as plaid) is a classic print and something every woman should have in her wardrobe. Plaid has grown up, become bolder and more chic, shedding its association with catholic school girl uniforms. The tartans of today come in blazers, dresses, coats, blouses, and tights. Pair tartan with a complimenting solid for a strong yet simple look or experiment with mixing prints such as plaid + houndstooth or plaid + polka dots. When choosing your plaid keep in mind that the pattern size should compliment your body type. If you are petite choose a smaller check pattern and vice versa. Check out some of my office-worthy tartan picks below.

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