If you’re going to use an iPad in your law practice, you will likely want to invest in an iPad case and a wireless keyboard—or a combination.

The Targus Versavu iPad keyboard has some nice bells and whistles, but it also has some major faults.

What I like about the keyboard and case

The case has some neat features that I have not seen in any other case. The case easily rotates from horizontal mode to vertical. Unlike other cases, you just rotate your iPad in the case itself, instead of physically picking it up and adjusting it. The case also has a nifty little dongle to put your stylus in, which is great. If you using a keyboard case, you probably also carry a stylus.

The keyboard itself is average to slightly above average. Like most keyboards, the keys are tiny, but responsive. Spacing between keys is good and overall the keyboard has a good feel and generally accurately registers your keystrokes. Frankly, from a pure “feel” standpoint, this might be my favorite keyboard.

This case was also by far the easiest keyboard to pair with my iPad, which is a nice plus if you don’t consider yourself very tech-savvy.

What I don’t like about the keyboard and case

There are three issues that prevent this from being a great product. One, if your iPad is placed horizontally, the screen angle is basically vertical. Just like the Belkin, that makes it difficult to type in that mode, as that is not a natural screen angle. It also is not physically stable in that mode—the screen jiggles as your type. Overall, typing in horizontal mode is not great.

Two, when closed, the case has issues. It is bulky and thicker than a Macbook Air. Similar to the Belkin, it looks like an overstuffed George Costanza wallet. It also places the screen on top of the keyboard keys, which I assume would result in unnecessary wear and tear on the screen. Lastly, there is no magnet to automatically turn your iPad on/off when you open and close the case, so you still have to manually turn off your iPad after closing it up.

Three, and perhaps most importantly, this is the first keyboard that had issues accurately transmitting my keystrokes. Accurate might not be the right word. It is fairly accurate, but it has a lag time, which I have not experienced with any other keyboard. You get used to it, but it is annoying.

Lastly, the keyboard is advertised as wireless, which is literally true, but it is attached to the case, which makes it somewhat misleading. If there’s a way to detach it, I don’t think it’s possible without damaging the case.

Who should buy it

The bottom line is that this isn’t the best combination product on the market, but it is certainly not the worst. If the extra bells and whistles are useful to you, it could be a better fit than some of the of other combination products.

If you want a case and keyboard combination that has the ability to rotate your iPad and comfortably store a stylus, this is for you.


Targus Versavu iPad Keyboard and Case

Reviewed by Randall Ryder on .

Summary: The Targus Versavu iPad keyboard and case has some nifty features but it is bulky and difficult to use in horizontal mode

Overall score: 2.5 (out of 5)


  1. Laura says:

    Could you post a picture of this item in action? Seeing the case closed like that isn’t very helpful when you’re trying to decide whether or not to buy. Thanks!

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