Email, Facebook, Twitter, a BlackBerry, iPhone, etc., are all distractions that can make getting work done impossible. Granted, I think social media is a good marketing tool. But that does not require constant usage. Tune in to what you need to get done by tuning out everything else.

Eliminate Distractions

If you need to work on your website, or write a blog post, then close everything else. The common urge is that whatever you are not doing is more important then what you are doing. In today’s distraction-filed society, however, that results in never actually accomplishing anything.

To the best of your ability, eliminate unnecessary distractions. You do not need two monitors so that you can always monitor your email. Tweetdeck does not need to display pop-up notifications, or even be on all the time. Your office door has a handle so it can be closed.

You will be amazed at how quickly you can draft something when you tune out everything else for two hours.

Take charge of your email

If am working on a memo, I try this miraculous thing called “closing my email.” Going an hour or two without answering email will not cause you to lose a case, and probably not a client either. I am a big believer in client service, but that does not equate to answering email immediately.

Set aside times to respond to emails and clean out your inbox. If create labels for email, that can help matters. Can be read later? Mark it “review” or “later.” Needs an immediate answer? Then respond immediately. Take care of the small things first, that way when you need to dedicate more time to something else, you will not be distracted.

Schedule around your own productivity

If you tend to get distracted in the morning dealing with email, then do not plan on writing a memo during that time. If you like handling emails in the morning, then plan on doing that, and stick to your schedule.

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