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New Attorney? Don’t Get Intimidated by Opposing Counsel

New attorneys can often be easily intimidated. Here are some tips on how young attorneys can effectively deal with bullying from opposing counsel.

Legal Incubators — Helping to Hatch Solo Practices

“If we want to see more entrepreneurial solutions to the many social and environmental problems around us, then it makes sense to have a community of similarly intentioned individuals who are able to collectively gather more advice, mentorship, and resources than they would on their own.”

Young Attorneys: Have Faith in Your Case

Experienced attorneys frequently resort to intimidation when dealing with a young attorney. If you are a young attorney, have faith in your case---and don't let opposing counsel dictate their view of the case and your client.

The Best Advice Can Be To Ignore Others

Young attorneys need to carefully consider the source and content of advice when making a critical decision.

Your Practice Should Fit Your Personality

There is more than one way to achieve client goals---attorneys need to trust their gut when making decisions.

Why It’s OK to Tell a Client ‘I Don’t Know’

Have the guts to admit you don't know the answer. Nothing says "confidence" more than that.

Open Letter to Senior Lawyer: I’m Not a Tech Expert

A response to Carolyn Elefant's blog post bemoaning the tech inabilities of some young lawyers.

The Secret Benefits of Coaching Mock Trial

Coaching mock trial can help a newer attorney master the rules of evidence and achieve comfort in a courtroom. What's not to love?

Traveling with Colleagues

Traveling with colleagues means you're always on. Are there ways to avoid a faux pas?

Avoiding WTF Moments as a Young Attorney

How young attorneys can reduce stress by minimizing WTF moments in their law practice.