work planning

Weekend Project: Plan Ahead

You know you need to get organized, and this is the weekend to do it!

The Ultimate Case Management System: a Paper Work Plan

Practice management software is great and all, but not everyone wants or needs to use it. And that is just as well, as far as I am concerned, because the best case management software I have used by a long shot is paper-based: my weekly work plan.

How to Handle an Overflowing Inbox or Task List

Lawyers get paid big bucks to not only handle high pressure situations, but multiple high pressure situations. That can lead to overwhelming moments of "ten things need to happen right now." The next time that happens, here are some ways to try and manage the stress and the tasks at hand.

Stay Organized to Make Absences Easier

How staying organized can help attorneys manage unexpected absences.

“Do Now” vs. “Due Now”: Work According to Plan, Not According to Deadlines

If you are always tackling your next deadline or latest e-mail, you will never find time to develop your business---or even just get ahead of your deadlines. If this sounds like you, the key is to start planning your schedule instead of letting your calendar dictate it.

Organize Group Communications

Use Cc: Betty to help organize projects and meetings.

TeuxDeux Rocks My Productive World

I have fallen in love with TeuxDeux (pronounced "to do"), a "simple, design-y to-do app." It has no bells and whistles, just a beautifully simple interface and the tools you need to rough out your days.

Stop Bad Work Habits

Identifying bad habits and consistently repeating alternative actions can help you break out of bad routines.