Lawyer Videos That Push the Boundaries of Dignity and Good Taste

Zombie lawyers, puppet attorneys, and more make an appearance in this roundup of YouTube lawyer advertisements.

A Dramatic Reading of David Lat’s Self-Interview

Lisa Needham (of Lawyerist and Bitter Lawyer fame) and I decided David Lat's "interview" was just crying out for a dramatic reading, so we put on our silly voices and did one.

Watch Texas Law Hawk Bryan Wilson Show Off His “Talons of Justice”

There aren’t many lawyer commercials you would call good, exactly, but there are definitely some entertaining ones. Here is the latest, from “Texas Law Hawk” Bryan Wilson.

This Week in Law: A Hero Named Kevin Bacon

This week I was on This Week in Law to talk about copyright, robot lawyers, Star Lord’s “Awesome Mix Vol. 1? from Guardians of the Galaxy, trolls, and much more.

How to Promote Your Pro Bono Project with Gangsta Rap

EPM (Eric Mirabel) wasn’t happy with the way Legal Cheek and Above the Law covered his gangsta rap video. He says he just wanted to promote his pro-bono project to help veterans injured in service.

Watch This Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Over-the-Top Ad

"I make jail visits … because I'll probably be there visiting my friends, anyway."

This Lawyer’s Epic Super Bowl Ad Will Blow You Away

This ad aired locally in Georgia during an entire two-minute commercial break. It has everything. Walls of flame. Sledgehammers. Heavy metal soundtrack. Just watch.

Nobody’s Going to Law School (Phew!)

In related news, employment numbers are improving, especially if you're interested in temp work and doc review. (I guess that's what happens when you slow down the firehose of law grads.)

Can Legal Marketing Be Viral?

Everyone wants their marketing to "go viral." Even some lawyers. But can legal marketing truly go viral? Yes, it can. But should you pursue viral marketing at your law firm? Maybe, but probably not.

A bad example of lawyer video.

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