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How to Auto-Number Discovery Requests in Microsoft Word

How to use Word’s SEQ field and Autotext to autonumber discovery requests.


How to Run Effective Meetings

Meetings can be a huge waste of time for lawyers. Make yours more effective and waste less time with these tips.


Five Microsoft Word Rules You Must Follow

Following these five rules of Microsoft Word will save you time, frustration, and money.


Internet Research Tips and Resources for Lawyers

Some of the most-useful Internet research tips and resources from Carole Levitt and Mark Rosch.


Paperless Tip: Never Ever Send Word Files as Correspondence

Word files should never be sent as correspondence. It allows unscrupulous people to alter your letters and present them as evidence. Only send PDFs.


Fashionable, Professional Bags for Women Lawyers

This list of professional bags for women lawyers includes a wide range of names, styles, colors, and interesting lesser-known brands, all of which can accommodate a laptop.


5 Ways To Keep Your Client Occupied During Mediation Downtime

Let's spice things up with some much better ways to pass the time when you're locked in a room with someone (with whom you may only have a nodding acquaintance personally) for hours at a time.


Trust Accounting Basics

Proper trust accounting is vital to keeping attorneys out of ethics trouble. Learn the rules and know where to turn with questions.


How to Insert Hyperlinks in Word Documents

A step-by-step guide to adding hyperlinks to legal documents and converting Word documents to PDF.


How to Make Small Talk

Working the room” is the one business development tactic that strikes the most fear in lawyers. Most lawyers hate finding themselves at a reception at some conference or benefit, where they hope to meet a few new people in a crowd of hundreds. Here are some helpful hints to minimize the fear.


Court Practices May Ignore Your Fax Filing While A Default Is Taken Against You

Many courts allow filings by fax, but when you need it most and are up against a deadline, what happens if the court does not handle your filing in a timely fashion? What if the other side seeks a default while your faxed filing gathers dust?

The Perils of Dressing While GLBTQ

Not everyone wants to wear a skirt, but everyone wants to look professional. Thoughts and tips on what to wear if you don't wear what everyone usually does.


Learn to Say No to Clients, Opposing Counsel, and the Court

In an effort to avoid conflict, many attorneys say yes more often than they should. Learn to say no to clients, opposing counsel, and the court.


Good Facts > Good Law

Every case, and every set of facts is different. Whether you are interacting with opposing counsel or the court, good facts should be front and center.


Need In-Your-Face Reminders? Try These Two Tools

If even the best organizing system doesn't get you focused, maybe you need something a bit more "in your face". Consider these two tools.