How to Keep Track of Your Time

There are plenty of ways to track your time, but there is only one important criteria for picking a tool: pick the one you actually use. Here are some options.

How to Love Doing Your Timesheet

Next time you find yourself ranting about your timesheets, consider whether you can use your bills to make yourself happier.

The Myth of More Time for Billing

Before you use "more time for billing" as an excuse to hire someone or buy something, consider whether you would actually be able to make good use of it.

Breaking the Time Barrier: How to Unlock Your True Earning Potential (Book Review)

In order to understand difference between time and value, just read Breaking the Time Barrier. In about an hour, Mike McDerment will get you up to speed on the fundamental difference between churning billable hours and delivering value to your clients.

Viewabill: Billing Dashboard

Clients hate surprises. This is especially true when it comes to your bill. The solution is to have an ongoing conversation with your clients about costs. For some reason, though, a lot of lawyers have a hard time talking to clients about money.

Timekeeping and Creating a Backup

Backup your timekeeping to prevent losing your billable hours.

The Hourly Billing Myth: Time is Not Value

Time is simplistic. It is one component of value, but not the whole measure. Think beyond hourly billing.

Keep Track of Mobile Calls and Text Messages

Attorneys who make lots of phone calls can use MobileArchiver to search calls and text messages.

Track Time with Toggl

How attorneys can track their time using Toggl, a new piece of software for lawyers.

Do You Trim Your Own Time?

Why young attorneys should submit time records that show the time they spend on cases.

Run Meetings Like Google

Organizing meetings the Google way can make employees more productive.

Carefully Track Time

Do not use uniform billing increments and keep careful track of time.

Google Calendar Rocks

Google Calendar is very user-friendly, and very good at helping you manage your days.

Track time with Windows Notepad

Boyd Johnson has an ingenious way of tracking his time throughout the day. Just open Windows Notepad and, when starting a task, hit F5, which stamps the time into your text file. Make a note to help you flesh out the task on your billing sheet later, and off you go. Whenever you switch tasks, […]

Will the billable hour ever die?

According to Slate’s Lisa Lerer, the billable hour may be already be under attack by some large clients of the largest firms. But what about solo and very small firms? Here is how I do things now, and then I will talk about the “fair fee retainer agreement” I have been working on.