The Shingle Life


Podcast #41: Reflecting on the Shingle Life, with Josh Camson

Josh Camson reflects on nearly six years of law practice and the column he wrote when he was just starting out: “The Shingle Life.” Plus, Sam and Aaron break down Net Promoter Score, the closest you’ll get to a magic number for growing your law practice. Breaking Down Net Promoter Score Surveying your current and former […]


Starting a Law Firm is Just Like Skydiving

As I found myself leaving the comfort of a perfectly safe airplane, I realized I had felt this way once before: on my last day at my old job.


Billing All the Time

We've recently decided to bill all the time we spend on every case. Is it a good decision? We'll see.


I Stopped Taking Client Calls

I look at the value of scheduling all client calls.


Exploring New Practice Areas

My partner and I are considering expanding into new practice areas. But how can we become competent in new areas of the law?

The Case for a Partner

Having a partner creates many advantages. They can balance out each other's weaknesses, split up the many skills any solo practitioner must learn, and a partner can be someone else in the game with you.

Some Things Nobody Can Teach You

Over the last year I've experienced some things first hand that cannot be taught, they must be experienced.

When Our Clients Won’t Win

What can we do to help those clients who likely won't win?

Outsource for Increased Productivity

A self-audit of our firm showed that we were spending a lot of time on menial tasks. So we found different ways to outsource tasks and increase our productivity.

I’ve Got Underwear Older than You: Dealing with ‘Senior’ Members of the Bar

I take a look at one particular run-in with a senior lawyer, and how young lawyers can deal with senior lawyers in general.

Weighing the Value of Court Appointments

Are court appointments worth the trouble they can bring and the low pay associated with them? You may be surprised by the answer.

Controlling the Fear

I turned to a few mentors recently to discuss the constant fear I was facing in my new law practice. But should I even try to get rid of that feeling?

Opening a Law Office

Opening a physical law office is no easy task. Find out what you'll need for a new law office, from desks to a web presence.


Website Backups: An Ethical Necessity?

Some states require lawyers to keep a copy of all advertisements. In this post I discuss how we back up our website to adhere to ethics rules.

What I Bring to Court

Does a paperless law practice make court preparation easier or harder?