The Law Suit

Men’s Business Casual is Not That Hard

Business casual lawyer's professional dress is easy in six steps. It's easy to look like a professional attorney in a business casual setting.

Shine Your Shoes, Simply

A simple why and how to shoe shining to be the best looking lawyer you can be. Another style tip for attorneys.

Organize Your Closet Like a Compulsive Person

Organize your wardrobe to make getting dressed a snap.

Essential Skills: Ironing a Shirt in 10 Easy Steps

How to iron a man's dress shirt in 10 easy steps.

That Suit You’re Wearing Is Only a Uniform

Fretting about your clothing doesn't make you a better lawyer. That's just a uniform you're wearing. Get over it.

Look like a Million Bucks Without Spending a Million Bucks

How to look like a million bucks — without spending a million bucks.

Simple Interview Dress for Men

Men's interview dress basics for those of you who are looking to interview at a traditional firm.

The Post Where I Respond to Your Comments and Questions

This week Jordan is on vacation, so Leo gets some peace and quiet in the office, and sets aside time for himself in quiet contemplation of your questions.

Leave Clownshoes for the Circus

Learn the basics of choosing a solid, professional lawyer shoe.

Don’t be “Thatguyus” — Dress in Moderation

Learn to dress in moderation and look professional.