The Ultimate Case Management System: a Paper Work Plan

Practice management software is great and all, but not everyone wants or needs to use it. And that is just as well, as far as I am concerned, because the best case management software I have used by a long shot is paper-based: my weekly work plan.

Create Client File Folders Automatically (Mac)

Organizing paperless client files is not much different from organizing paper files, but it is much easier to create those file folders — for Mac users, at least. As Dan Sherman explains in the LAB, all you need is the free Automator utility and you can set up a script that will automatically create a […]

Weekly Work Planning Template

Free download of my weekly work planning template. Make your work day more productive with this simple, easy to use work plan template.

OpenOffice.org template for California pleadings

After I was evangelizing about OpenOffice.org recently, a colleague in California pointed out that OOo, unlike Word, does not have a convenient wizard or template for making legal pleadings for states like California that require line numbering. He is right, but there are plenty of good templates available online, like these from SmallDataProblem.org (search down […]