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Hiring Young Lawyers is NOT an IT Solution

Lawyers who have fallen behind the times often try what probably seems like a good solution: hire a young digital native and give them the job of updating the firm's technology.

4 Ways to Secure Your Clients’ Information

So what are reasonable efforts when it comes to your clients’ information stored on your computer? You have to make an effort, obviously. But how much effort is so unreasonable that you don’t have to make it?

The Calculus of Risk, Tech Competence Edition

Rule 1.6(c)'s "reasonable efforts" is a duty of care. So let’s see how the calculus of risk plays out when we apply it to computer security.

The Lawyers’ Guide to Hacking Threats

As quickly as we build new technology to keep criminals out, hackers are working around the clock, and using sophisticated tools like Darkode, to climb your security walls. Prevent these attacks with a

Podcast #51: Legal Tech Trends That Defined 2015, with Bob Ambrogi

The Consequences of Technological Incompetence

Being a Luddite can be expensive, embarassing, and potentially disastrous for lawyers and clients. There are high prices to pay for being too proud (or lazy) to learn how the Internet, social media, and that box on your desk work.

70% of Lawyers Think Disclaimers Make Email Safe, Are Incompetent

If you think a confidentiality statement in your email counts as a precaution when you are sending confidential information, you are incompetent.

Legal Competence in the Digital Age

The rule of competence requires a lawyer to possess the “skill” reasonably necessary for representation, and it would be a losing argument to say that any lawyer today can competently represent a client without knowing the basics of technology.

You Already Have an Ethical Obligation to be Technologically Competent

Sooner or later, your clients will find another lawyer if you waste their money and time on basic tasks because you aren’t proficient with your technology.

Podcast #29: Brendan Kenny on What Lawyers Need to Know About E-Discovery

In 13 States, You Can’t Be a Luddite Anymore

The comment to Rule 1.1 spreads awareness, if nothing else, that being incompetent when it comes to technology is no excuse when your clients are harmed.

How Lawyers Get into Trouble with Technology

When it comes to lawyers using technology, it appears that common sense is a lot like Bigfoot. You hear people talk about it, but you don’t invest your own money looking for proof.