Product Design, Documents, and Client Service with TBD Law Sponsors

At TBD Law, sponsors were invited to share their knowledge, not sell. Each took a turn into the "hot seat" to discuss product design, better documents, client service, and the difference between attorney-client confidentiality and data privacy.

TBD Hackathon: Building the Law Practice of the Future

At TBD Law, talented attorneys hacked the future of law.

Here’s What You Missed This Morning at TBD Law

It's the first day of TBD Law, a unique collaboration between Filament and Lawyerist, where a diverse group of lawyers has gathered to talk about how to shape the future of law. Here are a few quick highlights.

TBD Law 2016 Kicks Off Today in St. Louis

We will literally be reinventing the practice of law in a series of discussions, workshops, and hack sessions.

TBD Law and Diversity

We fell short of our diversity goals for TBD Law, but we learned some important things about planning for diversity in the process.