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How the Solicitor General’s Style Guide Calls Out Bad Legal Writing

In addition to taking a stand in favor of the case law usage, this guide makes some important recommendations in favor of the active voice & plain language.

Maternity Wear for Lawyers that Doesn’t Break the Bank

Maternity wear can be expensive. Recently, I saw a question on a listserve that I definetly related to; as a pregnant lawyer on a budget, how do you dress for court? If you show up in court or otherwise are one of those lawyers who wear a suit, you probably have little tolerance for moo-moos and demin jumpers . . . […]

Law Firm Style Manual: Why You Need One, How to Make One

Developing a law firm style manual is well worth the time and effort to your law practice.

Update Your Social Media Style Guide

Improve your social media campaign with our appropriate grammar and style guide.

Judge Orders You to Stop Writing Stupidly

Minnesota bankruptcy court judge Robert Kressel just sent out guidelines for lawyers submitting proposed orders to him. It is a catalog of and prohibition against every bad legal writing practice.

Write Great Blog Posts

I created a style guide for Lawyerist when I started inviting others to contribute. It is short, sweet, and to the point, meant to help contributors get up to speed quickly. The most important section is not about proper capitalization or when to use an em dash, but on how to write great blog posts. […]