Bar Exam Preparation: Maximize the Final Weeks

Some tips on how to make the most of your bar exam prep in the final weeks before the bar exam.

This Law School Study Group’s Notes Will Cost You $5,000

Many people become horrible versions of themselves while in law school. Even so, the person who presented the following confidentiality agreement — with a liquidated damages provision, natch — to his study group may be an outlier.

Studying for the LSAT May Make You Smarter

Do you feel like you are slowing down, mentally? If so, maybe you ought to sign up for an LSAT prep course. A Berkeley study (PDF) shows that the kind of focused study you get when preparing for reasoning puzzles physically alters the brain, possibly improving IQ scores. Despite the “LSAT prep makes you smarter” […]

Early Preparation for the Bar Exam

Early preparation for the bar examination can save you headaches, heartache, and money down the line.

Surviving Your First Month of Law School

Here are some tips to ease the transition and put you on the path experiencing law school success.