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Alternatives to Google Reader (Which is Shutting Down)

Google Reader quickly became the most-popular RSS reader for its simple interface and great keyboard shortcuts, but as Avvo’s Sachin Bhatia pointed out in the comments, it is shutting down. You have until July 1st to find something else. I have already picked my replacement: Fever. If installing software on your own server does not […]

Ethics and the Cloud, State-by-State

Want to know what your state thinks about cloud computing? Thanks to Nicole Black’s post in the LAB, here is the ABA’s handy reference chart so you can see what your state’s ethics board thinks about cloud computing. Currently, by the way, lawyers in all 50 states may use the cloud. Ethics boards in 13 […]

Client Data and Cloud Computing

Ironically, the Luddites who refuse to even consider putting client data in the cloud would be better off if they did. Their clients would be, anyway.

Is E-mail Secure?

E-mail security may depend on the ease with which the government can obtain information stored on internet servers.

Glasscubes is a Great Collaboration Platform

Glasscubes worked out perfectly for us. It offered a free, password-protected platform that included a discussion forum, a whiteboard that allowed us to create and edit documents online and the ability to upload recent drafts of Word documents.

Ensure E-Discovery Readiness For Your Hosted & Managed Systems

Guest post by Steven Rodin. E-discovery can quickly get out of hand, sometimes costing millions of dollars. An example was seen in the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight, where one single e-discovery request cost taxpayers over $6,000,000. Thankfully, there are third-party solutions available that can help lower some of the administration and legal costs […]

LawRD: Affordable Law Practice Management Software as a Service

LawRD is a real contender for the best law practice software as a service solution. It may not be perfect right now, but it is very usable, and shows great potential.

Lawyers Should Not Be Wary of SaaS and Cloud Computing

Online services for lawyers are becoming increasingly common. For many lawyers, they are an attractive alternative to the traditional law practice management software installed and maintained on a local server within a law office. The one thing these various platforms have in common is that the data created and managed by these services are stored […]

Rocket Matter legal practice management software: still promising, still pricey

Rocket Matter is promising, but pricey, law practice management software.

Clio: a promising, but pricey, practice management solution

Like Rocket Matter before it, Clio is a promising online practice management solution. Clio gave me a tour last Friday, so I have seen it in action and had the opportunity to ask the developers all kinds of questions. For lawyers currently wrestling with Time Matters, Amicus, Abacus, and other clumsy practice management packages, Clio […]