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How Not to Suck at Social Media

Social media is actually quite simple, and there is only one way to succeed: be interesting, and social.


Beware of Mixing with Judges on Social Media

Connecting with judges over social media holds a breadth of educational opportunity and insight into the minds of the judiciary. In doing so, you just need to weigh the risks that are also involved.


5-Step Legal Marketing Plan, Step 4: Marketing Strategies

It is time to put together concrete action tasks for getting clients through your door. Here are the best ways to grow your law firm's business:


Thomson-Reuters Launches Social Network for Some Reason

Lisa Solomon: I rate Legal Community’s chances of success at slim to none. If its focus on the legal vertical weren’t enough to doom it, its sub-focus on only its own customers is.

How to Subpoena Information from Facebook and Other Social Networks

"So is social media information accessible via civil subpoena? Who knows. Courts are all over the place with it."


A Social Network for People with $9,000 Burning a Hole in Their Fancy Pockets

For just $6,000 to join and $3,000 per year, you get to participate in what looks like a pretty mediocre user experience and a small community of people who — let's be honest — are probably douchebags.


How to Network: Get Out and Do Things. With People.

Whatever you hope to get out of networking—mentoring, referrals, clients, friends—here is the only real formula: Get out and do things. With people.

Do You Actually Enjoy Facebook? (Poll Inside)

Given how poorly most lawyers use social media, plus this whole Facebook “shadow profile” business, I feel more like I want to quit Facebook than ever before. I barely even use it. I post pictures and video on Flickr and “status updates” on Twitter. Because, let’s face it, the minutiae of your Facebook friends’ lives […]


Most Lawyers Just Don’t “Get” Social Media

Most lawyers on social media are doing the equivalent of barging into a room and announcing “I am Pat Smith, and I won a case today!” before tossing a handful of business cards at the audience, then walking out with a flourish.


How In-House Counsel Use Social Media

Be wary of articles that tout the legal marketing ROI from using social media. Look closely at the statistics being cited. Often, they are not as compelling as many social media enthusiasts would like you to believe.


Social Media, Judges, and Lawyers

Judges and lawyers are both on social media, so how much can a lawyer interact with a judge online without crossing ethical boundaries?


Social Media – Ethics Versus Zealous Advocacy

Social media and legal ethics. Attorneys accessing social media must know the ethical rules governing their conduct.


Don’t Be Facebook Friends with Clients — the Ethical Perspective

Ethics of why attorneys should not be Facebook friends with their clients and how they can navigate social media ethically.


Q: Are There Good Clients Online?

If you go all-in with online marketing, could you get the kind of business you hope for in your wildest dreams?


Debunking Some of the Social Media BS [UPDATED]

B.J. Mendelson (author of Social Media is Bullshit, natch) pokes holes in the myth of social media ROI: it’s just not what you think.