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The TSA’s Pre-Check Program Might Get A Little Personal

Techdirt reports that the TSA is kind of sad that more of you haven’t thrown down money to get your private life inspected to enough of a degree that you are now allowed to be (relatively) waved through airport security. In true Kafka-esque fashion, the TSA is going to solve this problem by putting it […]

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Be Less Awful About Your Social Media Use

Social media is not hard. With a dose of common sense, you'll be tweeting, liking, and linking with the best of them.


Using Social Media During Jury Trials

How can lawyers use social media during jury selection without crossing ethical lines? How can jurors use social media during trial?


Should Law Firms Focus on Social Media or Search Engine Marketing?

Social media and search engine marketing are in one basket. Put your eggs in it.


There is No Such Thing As Online Marketing

If the people you want to sign your retainer agreement cross the line between offline and online as easily as pulling a phone out of their pockets, then you should too.


The Mistakes Lawyers Make with Social Media

So-called "experts" constantly proclaim loudly and frequently that social media is The Answer to just about everything, including getting clients. Lawyers have taken the bait, and have swarmed to social media like flies to honey.


Legal Marketing: a Sucker’s Bet

Lawyers have been engaged in a race to the bottom in the marketing of their services for decades. Over-the-top, sleazy advertising has become synonymous with lawyers in the eyes of many people. It's no wonder that people's perception of lawyers have dropped so low. Marketing for lawyers is a sucker's bet at best.


Intemperate Internet Commenting By New Orleans Prosecutors Has Far-Reaching And Terrible Consequences

After federal prosecutors repeatedly made comments on a major news website encouraging the conviction of the defendants, a federal judge threw out convictions for five police officers found to have shot unarmed citizens during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Are You Accidentally Lawyering on the Internet?

Social media platforms present great new opportunities for lawyers to connect with prospective clients in an informal way. Do they also present great new pitfalls? The ABA is attempting to sort this out, and so are we.

Luddites in Court, Zimmerman Edition

Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda attempts to get to the bottom of the witness’s relationship with George Zimmerman’s older brother, looking like an incompetent Luddite in the process.

Do You Actually Enjoy Facebook? (Poll Inside)

Given how poorly most lawyers use social media, plus this whole Facebook “shadow profile” business, I feel more like I want to quit Facebook than ever before. I barely even use it. I post pictures and video on Flickr and “status updates” on Twitter. Because, let’s face it, the minutiae of your Facebook friends’ lives […]


Most Lawyers Just Don’t “Get” Social Media

Most lawyers on social media are doing the equivalent of barging into a room and announcing “I am Pat Smith, and I won a case today!” before tossing a handful of business cards at the audience, then walking out with a flourish.


How In-House Counsel Use Social Media

Be wary of articles that tout the legal marketing ROI from using social media. Look closely at the statistics being cited. Often, they are not as compelling as many social media enthusiasts would like you to believe.


Social Media, Judges, and Lawyers

Judges and lawyers are both on social media, so how much can a lawyer interact with a judge online without crossing ethical boundaries?


Social Media – Ethics Versus Zealous Advocacy

Social media and legal ethics. Attorneys accessing social media must know the ethical rules governing their conduct.