Short-Fiction Contest Winners

Bloodlines (2017 Short Fiction Contest Winner)

Paola Paterlini's short story, "Bloodlines" is the winner of Lawyerist's fourth annual short-fiction contest.

Fish Out of Water (2017 Short Fiction Contest Runner Up)

Joan Leotta's short story, "Fish Out of Water," is the runner up in Lawyerist's fourth annual short-fiction contest.

The Forgettable Man (2016 Short Fiction Contest Runner-Up)

"The Forgettable Man," by Albert Tucher, is the runner-up in Lawyerist's 2016 Short Fiction Contest.

Life (2016 Short Fiction Contest Winner)

"Life," by David Colarusso, is the winner of our 2016 Short Fiction Contest.

Committers of Nothing (2015 Short-Fiction Contest Winner)

Jason Steed’s short-story, “Committers of Nothing,” is the winner of the second annual Lawyerist Short-Fiction Contest.  On our first day in Hinkley my wife, Cory, accused me of sleeping with a woman she’d seen at The Market Place. I was unpacking a box of kitchen appliances. I stood there for a moment, in mute bewilderment. […]

Stare Decisis (2015 Short-Fiction Contest Runner-Up)

Greg Walklin’s short-story, “Stare Decisis” is the runner-up in the second annual Lawyerist Short-Fiction Contest. The judge had already decided on leniency. The defendant’s attorney, perhaps auditioning for the bench herself, sought the briefest possible sentence, concluding with a history of her client, a stick-thin defendant of fourteen, Miguel Ochoa. Lyman Walters, District Court Judge for Lancaster County, had already […]

The Beaches Are Always Sunny In San Diego (2014 Short-Fiction Contest Winner)

Jason Steed’s short-story, “The Beaches Are Always Sunny In San Diego,” is the winner of the first annual Lawyerist Short-Fiction Contest. Butts clenches his teeth and works his fists around the steering wheel when he thinks about staying at Clayton’s. Fitz had called and said, “C’mon, Buttsy. He’s the only one who still lives there,” […]

Barely Legal (2014 Short-Fiction Contest Runner-Up)

James Ly’s short-story, “Barely Legal” is the runner-up in the first annual Lawyerist Short-Fiction Contest. Fresh out of NYU. My first real job. I had just been hired to be a clerk for a mid-size law firm in New York. It was my opportunity to observe attorneys at work before deciding whether I too wanted to take on more […]