Get What You Need from Technology, Not What You Want

Drill down to the problem you need to solve instead of shopping for the features you think you want but probably don't.

Where to Shop: Flash Sale Sites

Flash sale sites are a great way to find hard to find fashion for a great price.

How Much it Really Costs to Start a Solo Practice

A few years ago, I wrote a post I titled Start a Solo Law Practice for Under $3,000. Boy, do I regret that title. Starting a law firm is a relatively inexpensive endeavor, but picking an arbitrary number and trying to stick to it is wrong-headed. I’ve met plenty of lawyers who have done just […]

Memorial Day Sales

Some of the best apparel sales in and around the web this holiday weekend.

Should You Get an Ultrabook?

If your current computer is wearing out and you are in the market for a new one, you should consider an ultrabook.

Find great notecards on Etsy

I think we all agree that sending handwritten notes is a great habit to get into. A note is always an appropriate and appreciated gesture if someone has made time for you or provided you with some assistance—or sometimes, just because. Keeping up with friends on Facebook is convenient, but sending a note is more […]

Start a Solo Law Practice for Under $3,000

How to start a solo law practice for under $3,000. Review of the technology, hardware, software, and office equipment you need to start your own profitable law firm.

What is on your holiday (geek) wish list?

I really really really want a Nintendo Wii. The last time I saw one at CostCo, I managed to talk myself out of it, and I keep hoping my wife will decide to spoil me for the holidays. I would love an Asus EEE PC, just to have something more compact to carry around for […]

Tired of waiting for technology to make it to the U.S.?

I just stumbled across, a company that imports Japanese notebook computers, cell phones, and other techie wares for U.S. consumers hungry for the latest and greatest. They have the drool-worthy Sharp Zaurus PDA/UMPC, which is Linux-based and has a hard drive. It’s like the Palm LifeDrive except awesome. And the credit-card-sized NEC n908 smart […]