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Signal is a Free, Secure, Easy-to-Use Client Communication Tool

Signal might be the most convenient tool yet for communicating securely with clients.

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What It Could Look like When Someone Is Stealing Your Phone Number

Would you notice if someone were taking over your phone number? Here's what it could look like.

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Weekend Project: Encrypt Your Phone and Tablet

It will take less than a minute to do it right now, and then you can feel productive all weekend.

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If Your Email Account Is Hacked, You Should Probably Tell Opposing Counsel

What happens if a hacker intercepts settlement money on its way from defendant to plaintiff? It turns on what the plaintiff knew and when he knew it.


Windows 10 Is Collecting a Ton of Your Data for No Good Reason

Windows 10 collects a lot of data about how you use your computer and where. It shouldn't, and it doesn't have to.

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How Legal Software Companies Protect Your Clients’ Information in the Cloud

What about the companies to which we entrust our clients' information? Do they take confidentiality as seriously as lawyers and clients do?

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Your Smart Locks and Smart Thermostats Are Definitely Not Smart, Security-Wise

The Internet of Things—everyday objects like locks and thermostats that interface with your smartphone and your home network—remains ridiculously insecure.

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Stop Changing Your Password All the Time

You should be free of the tyranny of changing your passwords all the time. Research shows it may make things much less secure.


Is Skype Safe for Attorney-Client Communication?

Skype, Microsoft's video, audio, and messaging platform, is shifting away from a peer-to-peer network and will run in the cloud. Here's why that might not be a great thing for you and your clients who want to use that app to communicate with you.

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How to Recognize a Risky Email

There are a number of different types of risky emails. Here's how to recognize—and arm yourself against—some of them.

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Thanks to Google, You May Never Need a Password Again

The good news: Google is working on a project that could eliminate the need to use passwords. The bad news: it involves learning pretty much everything about you.


4 Ways to Secure Your Clients’ Information

A lawyer shall make reasonable efforts to prevent the inadvertent or unauthorized disclosure of, or unauthorized access to, information relating to the representation of a client. (Rule 1.6(c).) So what are reasonable efforts when it comes to your clients’ information stored on your computer? You have to make an effort, obviously. But how much effort […]

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How To Encrypt Microsoft Word Documents

One easy way to ensure a document remains safe is to add a password to it in Microsoft Word. Here's how to do it on a Windows machine and on a Mac.

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The Calculus of Risk, Tech Competence Edition

Rule 1.6(c)'s "reasonable efforts" is a duty of care. So let’s see how the calculus of risk plays out when we apply it to computer security.

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How To Securely Wipe a Hard Drive

Before you sell, give away, or throw out a computer, you need to wipe its hard drive clean.