Legal Tech Reviews

We review law practice technology like practice management software, document scanners, timekeeping and billing software, mobile apps, laptops, and anything else that might be useful to lawyers.

First Look: Lawcus Legal Case Management Software

Lawcus prioritizes productivity. It helps you keep track of your intake process and open matters, but it still holds all the information related to each matter.

First Look: LawStudio

LawStudio is file management software aimed at trial attorneys who need to handle a lot of depositions, exhibits, and other trial documents. Here's our first look.

First Look: Contactually Client Relationship Management Software

Contactually is CRM software that works well for lawyers. If you want help staying in touch with current and former clients and other referral sources, you should give Contactually a try.

First Look: TimeSolv Time Tracking And Billing Software

TimeSolv tracks time and billing for attorneys. Here is our first look at the software.

First Look: FileVine Law Practice Management Software

FileVine is practice management software targeted at attorneys who handle cases with multiple parties and shifting settlement offers. For those users in particular, it is highly recommended.

First Look: Intake123

Intake 123 is client intake software designed for attorneys. Unfortunately, it is hobbled by some poor design choices that make it very difficult to use.

First Look: PracticePanther Law Practice Management Software

At minimum, practice management software should provide contact storage, matter tracking, time tracking, task lists, and calendaring. PracticePanther provides those features and more with document management, real-time syncing to, notification options, and for the real legal tech nerds out there, Zapier and API access (more on what that means below).

First Look: WordRake Proofreading Software

We often need help to make our writing leaner and cleaner. Enter WordRake, which hopes to do exactly that.

First Look: Lexicata CRM and Client Intake Software

If your practice is lead-generation heavy and you need to track a lot of leads from first contact to (hopefully) signing them, Lexicata will really streamline that process.

First Look: FactBox Case Organizing Software

If you regularly need to organize facts and evidence for reasonably complex cases, FactBox is a great way to keep track of all of it.

First Look: Zola Law Practice Management Software

if aesthetics and productivity hacks appeal to you, you will likely enjoy the clean interface and the relatively low cost of Zola.

Clio Law Practice Management Software

Clio practice management software information and review.

First Look: Ciinch Law Practice Management Software

If you are looking for something quick and efficient that helps you grind through your tasks each day, allows you to create a lot of reminders, and helps you with just invoicing rather than full-fledged accounting, Ciinch is a solid choice.

Diligence Engine Makes Sense of Piles of Contracts

I loaded a couple dozen contracts into Diligence Engine and a few seconds later had a list of all the licensing provisions.

eBrevia Replaces Your Army of Doc Review Minions

I never did doc review, but it doesn’t sound like I missed out on much. As I understand it, some firms keep armies of junior associates around so that when a partner wants to see all the choice-of-law provisions related to a merger, the associates can stay up all night to give her the answer […]