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Is This the Age of the Two Page Resume?

A two page resume will allow you to showcase yourself better and make your resume more readable.

Networking, Meatballs, and Resumes in Google Docs

A resume in Google Docs can be shared quickly, easily, and efficiently, allowing candidates to make almost instant connections after networking events.

Spend the Summer Getting Ready for OCI

Spend some time this summer getting prepared for OCI and end up ahead of the pack when all of those firms come to campus for OCI.

Legal Resume v. Professional Bio: Is the Resume Dead?

LexisNexis has suggested that the resume is dead, and that instead, law students should create professional bios. Is this sound advice?

Keep Your Resume in Hand for Better Networking

Having easy access to your resume will allow you to distribute it at networking functions, job interviews, or whenever the need arises.

Get Resume Feedback from RezScore

Job seekers should use RezScore for free, but limited, advice on their resume.

How to Get Legal Experience as a Recent Graduate

How recent law school graduates can get legal experience.

No Job? Find a Way to Get Experience

Why out of work law school graduates need to get legal experience.

How to Polish Your Resume

How to polish your resume. Tips for improving your resume and chances at landing the legal job you want.

Enhancing Your Online Bio

How attorneys can enhance their online bios for marketing, networking, and reputation building.

What Does Your Online Bio Say?

What information should lawyer's include for their online bio?

Job-Searching 3Ls: How’s Your Online Reputation?

Law students still looking for jobs should check their online reputation with a quick Google search.

Potential Clients Don’t Care Where You Went To Law School

Potential clients just want to know if you know what you are doing, and whether you will be a jerk.

Planning For What You Did Last Summer

If you are a first or second-year law student, you cannot afford to return to school in September without a long list of the things you did this summer to better position yourself to ultimately get a job in this tough economy.

Journal or Not: Use Research and Writing to Your Advantage

Writing and editing for your law school's journal is a great way to hone research and writing skills, but it's not the only way.