How to Use a Colon

From Columbia Journalism Review: Just as colon the organ, um, moves things along, so does colon the punctuation mark. It signals to a reader that what follows is a list, an elaboration or definition, or something else that continues the thought. It says that what follows is so closely related to the first part of […]

Don’t Miss These Marks in Your Legal Writing

If you're confused about when to use hyphens, en dashes, and em dashes in your legal writing, here are some basic rules.

How Critical are Punctuation and Syntax to Your Job Prospects?

Really really critical, if you ask us. But Ex-Bitter doesn't think so. He even throws in a few sympathetic errors of his own.

The Oxford Comma and Other Punctuation Issues

The Oxford Comma is one of the sanest punctuation usages in the written language. Double spaces after a period is wrong and other punctuation issues.