The Art of Negotiation: Get Inside Your Opponent’s Head

The more you learn about opposing counsel, the more effective a negotiator you will be. Here are some tips on how to accomplish that.


Weekend Project: Plan Ahead

You know you need to get organized, and this is the weekend to do it!

Hand Drawn Break Time on Green Chalkboard. Modern Office Interior. Dark Brick Wall Background. Business Concept with Doodle Style Elements. 3D.

The Right Kind of Breaks Can Make You More Productive

You need to take breaks. Period. Here are some ways to make your breaks more refreshing and ensure you return to work ready to concentrate.


Podcast #84: Meet Litigator, Legislator, and Legal Hacker, Shemia Fagan

During this week's podcast, Sam talks with Shemia Fagan about how she juggles being a litigator, legislator, legal hacker, podcaster, and more.


Hacking Chaos: The Cornell Method of Note-Taking

It isn't an exaggeration to say that the Cornell Method helps me in every note-taking situation I've encountered in my professional life.

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Choosing a Remote Freelancer to Assist Your Solo Practice

Choosing a remote professional to help with your everyday tasks can free you up for more important work. Here are some pointers to make sure that process goes smoothly.

Business in the decline stage

BigLaw Sees Demand and Productivity Drop. Will It Trickle down to Small Firms?

For the second quarter of 2016, BIgLaw saw a significant decrease in demand and productivity, while seeing an uptick in expenses. Will solosmall lawyers see the same?

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Going Paperless: Everything You Need to Get Started

Once you have the right equipment and a basic plan, start scanning! Soon you will have a more efficient, more portable, more paperless office.


Use Word’s AutoCorrect as a Text Expander

You don't need dedicated text expansion software in Microsoft Word. Use AutoCorrect as a text expander instead. Here's how.

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Get a Successful Practice by Improving 1% at a Time

If you improve one thing at a time, one percent at a time, you will end up with a much more satisfying—and probably successful—law practice.


How to Run Effective Meetings

Meetings can be a huge waste of time for lawyers. Make yours more effective and waste less time with these tips.


These Apps Shame You if You Spend Too Much Time Glued to Your Screens

You already know that you are spending way too much time checking your email across various devices. Are you the person that, after glancing at your email, goes on to spend another hour just fiddling around on whatever device is at hand? Perhaps you are a candidate for these apps that will make you feel mortified about how […]


You Need a Vacation

No, seriously. Your work ethic is hurting your work. It isn't doing anything positive for your health, either.


How To Implement Accountability in a Law Firm

Every lawyer's ultimate accountability is to clients. However, many lawyers are also accountable for meeting business goals—regardless of whether they are solo or work for a large firm.