The Best Legal Pad for Legal Work

You use legal pads every day. Rather than scraping by with lackluster legal pads from your office closet, purchase a legal pad that can handle the rough and tumbles of your daily life. It's for your own good.


How to Run Effective Meetings

Meetings can be a huge waste of time for lawyers. Make yours more effective and waste less time with these tips.


Going Paperless: Everything You Need to Get Started

Once you have the right equipment and a basic plan, start scanning! Soon you will have a more efficient, more portable, more paperless office.

30 Apps.001

“30 Apps in 30 Minutes” Presentation Materials

For the convenience of those in attendance, here are my slides and the list of apps from today's "30 Apps in 30 Minutes" presentation at Minnesota CLE.


If You Want Google Inbox, Now is the Time

Google Inbox gives you a fancy new front end with reminders and snoozing and bundling tweets and suped-up labels.


Everything Old is New: Maybe You Should Start Dictating Again

Don't look now, but maybe you should rethink typing your own documents and switch back to dictating.


Teams Are Smarter When They Have More Women

Smarter people do not make for smarter teams.


Maybe You Shouldn’t Answer Your Own Phone. Here’s Why.

The point is to use the phone when you can be effective, not when you are going to be distracted and ineffective.


What Did You Think and Learn this Year? What Are Your Goals for Next Year?

The new year is a great time to stop and reflect on what you thought and what you learned during the year gone by, and set goals for next year.


Prevent Phone Calls From Monopolizing Your Time

Keep your clients happy, your phone from ringing, and yourself out of ethical trouble.


Give Your Twitter Account a Bad Memory

If you prefer your social networks a bit more ephemeral, check out TweetDelete, a free service that can automatically delete tweets from one week to one year old.


Office 365 or Google Apps — Which to Choose?

The future may be arriving, but it choosing between Office 365 and Google Apps is still a complex endeavor. Here is what you need to know.


Inbox Zero for Lawyers

Inboxes are meant to be emptied, not used for long-term storage. That goes double for your email inbox, which is far more useful if you empty it on a regular basis.


Spend an Hour a Day without Distractions to Avoid Turning Into a Zombie

If you string too many days together without a break from all the distractions of life, you will burn out.


Get Up and Walk Around if You Want to Live

Sitting all day is literally killing you, but standing all day is exhausting. A sit-stand workstation may be ideal, but the solution may be even more simple.