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The Ethics of Ghostwriting for Pro Se Litigants

Ghostwriting is an effective way to provide assistance for a pro se litigant. However, jurisdictions differ on how much assistance triggers a duty to disclose that a lawyer has ghostwritten a pleading. Here is a guide to which states require what levels of disclosure.

Podcast #55: How to Help People Represent Themselves, with Mike Vraa

Some people who need to use the legal system want to go it alone, and a lot of those people call Mike Vraa’s free tenant hotline. On today’s podcast, some of his best tips for helping people represent themselves. Plus, we chat about our new guide, How to Set Up Your New Windows Computer. New […]

Redesigning the Court User Experience

Lawyer and designer (and interesting thinker-about-law) Margaret Hagan doesn’t offer much context for this drawing, but a previous post makes it look like the California bench is taking note of court users’ experiences in order to improve. From another drawing apparently from the same panel, the following quotation is attributed to Martin Hoshino, the Administrative Director of […]

Could a Court Simulator Help Pro Se Parties?

Seems worth a try, actually.

“I won pro se. … Why … would you put your fate in the hands of a total stranger?”

From commenter Iwonprose on Randall’s post “Does More Pro Se Litigants = Fewer Clients?”: My experience with attorneys is that they don’t really care about you and only want paid. My opinion is they are overpaid and rarely ever do a good job. You know more about your case than they do. You are more […]