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How To Securely Wipe a Hard Drive

Before you sell, give away, or throw out a computer, you need to wipe its hard drive clean.


What is the Best Analogy for a Smartphone?

Fundamental to the privacy dispute about cell phones—including the current dispute between Apple and the FBI—is what analogy best describes smartphones. The search for a good analogy is almost always at the heart of questions about technology and privacy and the law. We try to figure out new things with reference to old things. This […]


Podcast #57: Apple vs. the FBI, with Megan Zavieh

Megan Zavieh explains what's at stake in the FBI's quest to force Apple to build a backdoor to the iPhone. But first, a good story about social media and the law.


Why Lawyers Need to Stand By Apple

Apple is in the news for the unprecedented order issued by a Federal Magistrate Judge in California this week. The order compels Apple to assist the government in hacking into a terrorist’s phone. Apple publicly refuses to comply, and every one of us ought to be standing by Apple and supporting its decision. What Apple is […]

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Go Update Your Google Privacy And Content Settings Right Now

It’s always a perfectly lovely day to do a privacy self-audit and make sure that your permissions on things like Google and Facebook are everything you hoped and dreamed of. Today, Google made that process extremely easy with their revamp of their My Account page. The revamp divides your account page into three sections: Sign-in and […]


Give Your Twitter Account a Bad Memory

If you prefer your social networks a bit more ephemeral, check out TweetDelete, a free service that can automatically delete tweets from one week to one year old.


One Judge in Virginia Says Police Can Force You to Use Your Fingerprint to Unlock Your Phone

What is more important is that the security of fingerprint unlocking was already in doubt. Your fingerprint is way easier for someone to get ahold of than the contents of your brain.


Twitter Sues for the Right to Publish its Full Transparency Report

This is important. Transparency reports are basically the dash cams of the Internet.

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ToS;DR Teaches You The Terrible Things You’re Agreeing To On The Web

Terms of Service; Didn't Read aims to help you navigate the thicket of ToS and privacy policies that you click merrily past every day.


Find Out Whether Google is Tracking Your Location

How to find out what Google knows about your whereabouts.


Three Apps to Make the Internet Less Creepy

You probably already know this, but lots of people are tracking your activity online. It’s actually kind of creepy how many people know what you are doing. Fortunately, you can block a lot of it.


Everybody Panic: Google’s Computers Are Reading Your Email

You are silly if you don’t think Google is indexing your Gmail account so it can serve you ads. That’s the deal. There is no secret. Google serves you relevant ads based on the contents of your email.


Google Knows Plenty About You; Use DuckDuckGo

Give DuckDuckGo a try. You’ll like the simple interface, instant answers, and playful attitude, and you won’t miss the overwhelming presence of advertising or the loss of privacy.

See No Evil

Don’t Trust the Cloud? Microsoft Gives the Keys to Windows to the NSA

If you were laboring under the illusion that your data is somehow safer on your own computer than in the cloud, let’s just put an end to that fallacy.


Does “Don’t Be Evil” Mean “Give the NSA Direct Access to Our Servers”?

According to the Washington Post, the NSA is mining data “directly from the servers of these U.S. Service Providers: Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, Apple.” Isn't this evil?