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More on Case Western Law School’s “Client-Ready” Practical-Skills Program

Today I spoke with Dean Lawrence Mitchell of Case Western Reserve University Law School about its new “client-ready” practical skills program. I wanted to know more about its program, and I especially wanted to hear why Dean Mitchell thought CWRU could avoid the the lackluster results Washington & Lee ran into when it tried something […]

57/365 - Ready for Work

Case Western Law School Vows to Make Its Graduates “Client-Ready”

Case Western Reserve University School of Law is the latest to overhaul its curriculum to cater to what law firms say they want: young lawyers who can hit the ground running.


Can Clinical Education Make New Lawyers Useful?

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Required Practical Skills for Young Associates

On a weekend or late at night you may need to know how to file or scan a document. What emergency skills are most necessary?


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Law school should use online technology to enhance the classroom experience, not eliminate it.