These Apps Shame You if You Spend Too Much Time Glued to Your Screens

You already know that you are spending way too much time checking your email across various devices. Are you the person that, after glancing at your email, goes on to spend another hour just fiddling around on whatever device is at hand? Perhaps you are a candidate for these apps that will make you feel mortified about how […]

Your Phone, Now with More NSA

From the Intercept: With these stolen encryption keys, intelligence agencies can monitor mobile communications without seeking or receiving approval from telecom companies and foreign governments. Possessing the keys also sidesteps the need to get a warrant or a wiretap, while leaving no trace on the wireless provider’s network that the communications were intercepted. Apparently no […]

Why You Should Keep a Call Log

"Call Log: It’ll save your ass."


Maybe You Shouldn’t Answer Your Own Phone. Here’s Why.

The point is to use the phone when you can be effective, not when you are going to be distracted and ineffective.


Prevent Phone Calls From Monopolizing Your Time

Keep your clients happy, your phone from ringing, and yourself out of ethical trouble.

What’s Your Busiest Day of the Year?

According to Ruby Receptionists, January second is the busiest day of the year for its call center. That sounds about right for my litigation practice. I always felt like we got mobbed in early January with people who were finally ready to take care of their problems after the holidays (and perhaps some holiday-related problems). […]

The Ringing Phone in the Middle of the Night

I got my first call in the middle of the night last night. I learned three things that you shouldn't do in those situations.

A Virtual Receptionist Service Can Protect You From the Crazies

It is a huge relief to have a virtual receptionist service answering my phone so I don't have to talk to an unstable blog commenter.

Don’t Call Me, I Won’t Call You

Knowing when to call, email, or instant-message co-workers is crucial to your productivity, and theirs, and to your reputation.

Total Attorneys Virtual Receptionist Service

A review of Total Attorneys Virtual Receptionist, and a comparison with Ruby Receptionists.


Call Ruby is an Awesome Virtual Receptionist for Solos and Nimble Small Firms

Call Ruby virtual receptionists are a bunch of cheerful, highly-caffeinated men and women who answer the phone and handle calls according to your instructions.

Law Firm Gatekeepers Keeping Clients, Opportunities Out

Gatekeepers may be keeping clients and business opportunities out of your law practice.

How to Avoid Answering Phone Calls

How I increased my productivity by eliminating unscheduled phone calls.

Use Gmail on Your Smartphone to Print from the Cloud

How attorneys using Gmail on smartphones can print from the cloud.

Attorneys: Return Your Client Phone Calls!

The number one complaint about attorneys is that they don’t return their client phone calls. Attorneys should return their phone calls to keep themselves out of trouble.