Outsourcing 101 for Lawyers: How to Get the Most from Freelancers

Outsourcing tasks—legal and otherwise—can help you work smarter. Here are some tips for determining when you need assistance and who to hire when you do.

Choosing a Remote Freelancer to Assist Your Solo Practice

Choosing a remote professional to help with your everyday tasks can free you up for more important work. Here are some pointers to make sure that process goes smoothly.

LegalKin: A Marketplace for Temporary Help for Solos and Small Firms

Legal marketplaces are proliferating based, I suppose, on a few ideas about the practice of law and the needs of solo and small-firm lawyers: Solo and small-firm lawyers frequently need help with “overflow” tasks They don’t already know where to go for help with those tasks. Or if they do know where to go for […]

DocketHero Promises to Help You Outsource Your Law Practice

DocketHero is an about-to-be-launched app that aims to make it easy to hire appearance counsel, couriers, law clerks, process servers — even ghost bloggers, for some reason.

Answering Inquiries

Lawyers are professional service providers. Which means, in addition to merely performing analysis and exercising judgment, you have to actually communicate with people. And people are going to try to communicate with you. Clients, potential clients, opposing counsel, colleagues, courts, etc, all vying for access to you. If you’re doing it right, you won’t have […]

Is “Outsourcing” Really a Bad Idea for Lawyers?

Lawyers should think about whether outsourcing makes sense for managing their firm. It's important to distinguish outsourcing to a contractor from offshoring to another country.

Outsourcing Blogs and Social Media

Outsourcing can be helpful for busy lawyers, but can social media be outsourced effectively? You can't outsource expertise or engagement with others.

Outsourcing to Rural Areas Can Lower Costs

Rural outsourcing--ruralsourcing--is emerging as a cost effective, domestic alternative to outsourcing.

Maternity Leave for Solo Lawyers: Is It Possible?

Maternity leave for solo lawyers is possible through techniques like outsourcing, organizing, and planning during your pregnancy.

Hiring a Law Clerk? Ask Yourself These Questions First

Before hiring a law clerk, consider the additional time and expense involved in supervising a new employee.

Evolve Your Law Practice

Why lawyers need to constantly rethink and change their law practices to stay successful.

Virtual Assistants & Delegation Frustrations

Delegation is important when it comes to outsourcing work in your law practice to a virtual assistant.