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New Attorney? Don’t Get Intimidated by Opposing Counsel

New attorneys can often be easily intimidated. Here are some tips on how young attorneys can effectively deal with bullying from opposing counsel.

How to Have a Collegial Relationship with Opposing Counsel

It's easy to feel sorry for lawyers whose only claim to fame is their reputation for being difficult. But you have a reputation too, and a reputation for getting along is a valuable commodity. Continue to work at it, and you will see the benefits.

News Flash: Read Before You Sign

Repetitive work can lead to attorneys becoming overconfident and even lazy when handling cases. Don't let yourself fall into that trap: make sure you read before signing a document.

Learn to Say No to Clients, Opposing Counsel, and the Court

In an effort to avoid conflict, many attorneys say yes more often than they should. Learn to say no to clients, opposing counsel, and the court.

Young Attorneys: Have Faith in Your Case

Experienced attorneys frequently resort to intimidation when dealing with a young attorney. If you are a young attorney, have faith in your case---and don't let opposing counsel dictate their view of the case and your client.

Good Facts > Good Law

Whether you are interacting with opposing counsel or the court, a good lawyer puts good facts front and center.

The Mental Fortitude Necessary to Practice Law

From the moment you start practicing law, people are going to tell you that you aren't very good at your job.

How to Defend a Deposition: Just Show Up

Protecting your client in a deposition is a matter of showing up. Plain and simple.

The Biggest Success-Killer for Litigators

The biggest success-killer for litigators is a default setting. Learn how to overcome it.

Avoiding WTF Moments as a Young Attorney

How young attorneys can reduce stress by minimizing WTF moments in their law practice.

Dealing with WTF Moments as a Young Attorney

How young attorneys can overcome WTF moments and still achieve favorable outcomes for clients.

Babies and Lawyering: Survival Tips

How young attorneys can successfully navigate the first few months of parenting.

Dealing with Opposing Counsel as a Young Attorney

How young attorneys can overcome their lack of experience and handle difficult opposing counsel.

Don’t Let Opposing Counsel Get You Down

Don't let tough interactions with opposing counsel get you down; consider these strategies for dealing with cranky opposing counsel.