Interior of a modern waiting room. Clinical with empty chairs

7 Easy Upgrades to Make Your Office More Client-Friendly

Visiting a lawyer is often stressful for clients. Here are some easy ways to make your office more welcoming and client-friendly.

BigLaw is Literally Putting Associates in Boxes

Solosmall practitioners, it is assumed, gaze upon the perks offered by BigLaw with great envy. What if you had the marble floor entryway, the shiny elevator on the 32nd floor, the sweet private office where you get to choose your own desk? Yeah, about that last part. In [Paul Hasting LLP’s] new midtown Manhattan space, junior […]

Ergotron WorkFit-A Platinum Sit-Stand Workstation

The Ergotron WorkFit-A Platinum is a solid, good-looking sit-stand workstation that works great if you have a sturdy desk to attach it to.

Ergotron WorkFit-S Sit-Stand Workstation Review

The WorkFit-S is a pretty optimal solution if you want the option to stand up and work at your computer, but you don’t want to buy new furniture.

Your Cramped, Messy Conference Room is a Problem

What does your office say about you and your practice? Do you care? You should. Forget about the clichés about aesthetics — looks don’t matter, you can’t judge a book by its cover, clothes don’t make a man — when a client, potential client, or opposing counsel comes to your office, they are going to […]

Looking for a Place to Work?

eWorky is a useful tool for travelers as well as anyone looking for a place to work when you are tired of your couch.

Sick Kids and the Office

This week, a teething induced fever meant that I brought my daughter to work. Here's some tips on bringing sick kids to the office.

Get work done outside your office!

Some days, even if you like your office, you just don’t want to be in it. On those days, happy is she (or he) who can get real work done, on a laptop, just about anywhere. There are a number of different ways to go mobile. How you do it depends on your specific needs. […]

Force Window Visible

I ran into a new problem tonight. Apparently the last time I opened BK Task Timer, I was using it in my second monitor at my office. So when I tried to open it tonight at home, it restored off the screen. It thought it was showing up on my second monitor, but I, of […]