Avoiding OCI’s Landmines

For the past six years, I’ve been able to successfully block out the incredibly mortifying and traumatic memories associated with my performance during the merciless cage fight of OCI. But the recent mini-parade of second-round interviewees through the halls of my office triggered a flashback, thereby unearthing my long-buried recollections. So I figured I might […]

Track Job Applications with Web App Applymate

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1L Job Search: Manage the Marathon, not the Sprint

A law student job search is a marathon. Creating hundreds of resumes in November of 1st year can be a distracting, time-wasting sprint.

What Should Law Students Ask During OCI Interviews?

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Back to School Checklist for 2Ls

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Show Me the Money: Demonstrating Value as a New Lawyer

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The OCI Exodus Means You Must Broaden Your Job Search

On campus interviews (OCIs) have always netted some law students great jobs, but in this economy, law students must pursue other opportunities.

The Etiquette of Following Up

How do you follow-up on a job interview without stalking?