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Do NOT Let Your Client Write Your Petition for a Writ of Certiorari

"Shipley basically let his client write his brief, and the thing turned into an utter shitshow. Witness the nightmare hellscape that is the question presented in this case …"


Podcast: the Ethical Misadventures of Luddite Lawyers

I recently sat down for an interview with Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway for The Digital Edge podcast. Here’s the blurb from Legal Talk Network: In this episode of The Digital Edge, Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway interview lawyer and legal technology blogger Sam Glover about when technology became an issue for attorneys, how they […]


Has the NSA Hacked Your Hard Drive? (Probably)

"[T]he program would give the NSA unprecedented access to the world's computers, even when disconnected from the larger web."


5 Google Searches That Reveal The Sad Truth About Lawyers

Apparently lawyers are mean, arrogant, miserable, and costly jerks. But hey! At least Google tells use we're important mean, arrogant, miserable, and costly jerks.


Podcast #6: Alison Monahan on Law School and Lawyering Success

This week Sam and Aaron discuss the effectiveness of meditation as a way for lawyers to relieve stress, shake our heads at the technological incompetence of LegalTech attendees, and Sam interviews Alison Monahan of the Girls Guide to Law School.


Have Some Legal Aromatherapy

Some probably-not-a-good-idea scents for your law office.

30 Apps.001

“30 Apps in 30 Minutes” Presentation Materials

For the convenience of those in attendance, here are my slides and the list of apps from today's "30 Apps in 30 Minutes" presentation at Minnesota CLE.


6 Terrible Lawyer Tattoos

You may think getting a lawyer tattoo is a good. Think again, unless you would like to contribute to this fantastic list.


“I Have a Dream”

Why courts are closed today.


The Saddest Lawyer Video on YouTube

This is worse than wooden lawyers reading cue cards about themselves into the camera.


10 of the Funniest Lawyer-Movie Scenes of All Time

Lawyers are generally not all that funny, but that hasn't stopped Hollywood from creating comedy out of our daily plights!


A Tale of Two Tiers: the State of Legal Education in 2 Charts

If there were ever a market in need of adjustment, it is law.


The Best Scanners for Lawyers

Six document scanners to consider for your law practice, whether or not you are paperless, plus two upcoming reviews.


A Dramatic Reading of David Lat’s Self-Interview

Lisa Needham (of Lawyerist and Bitter Lawyer fame) and I decided David Lat's "interview" was just crying out for a dramatic reading, so we put on our silly voices and did one.


Workouts You Can Do in Your Office

We know you want to get more exercise, and we also know you're short on time (or so you tell your friends). No more excuses: here are exercises you can do right in your office.